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Currently DADA is a brand that belongs to the company Móveis Carlos Alfredo, which dedicates especially to the production of children's furniture designed by designer Marianne Juliette.

DADA's aim is to create a lovely home for children. With his own experience of motherhood, Marianne Juliette learned a lot. Year after year, with her kids, she learnt what they need and what they do not need. A close collaboration was hence developed during 20 years between Marianne-Juliette and the children.

Accordingly, she also learnt that the things adults deem good and useful, are often just useless and boring to children. As a result, the children were the designer's most critical advisors throughout all these years.

Using good material, biological dyes and solid french oak wood, with very careful woodwork and subsequent colour treatment using soft shades, all this furniture becomes furniture for an entire childhood. The furniture thus complements one another on a piece-by-piece basis and continues to be suitable for children year after year. Accordingly, a baby's room becomes a room for a small child and the latter becomes a room for a grown up child.

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